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Welcome to B-and-IT services,

Your provider in relation to everything Sourcing. We can help you with all stage of sourcing, wether it be;

  • Vendor selection
  • Transition from a to b
  • Insourcing/outsourcing/near shore/off shoring
  • Setting up a sourcing gouvernance
  • Manging your suppliers
  • Managing your contract(s)
  • etc.

We will help you with changing your sourcing situation into what you want it to be.

We believe that manging your process for sourcing through all stage of sourcing in an active way. this provides an added value which can’t be denied. We can help you manage your vendors the way you want them to act.

In this world of partnerships and business critical IT, managing your partner (customer or vendor) is something which needs daily attention. If you are interrested what we can do for you please contact us.

Our team can’t wait to help your company out perform any other, with regard to you sourcing management.

We can help you on three different levels being;

  • Source (B-and-IT Source)
    • Help you in the complete implementation of all items in relation to sourcing.
  • Manage (B-and-IT Manage)
    • Provided management or project management in relation to manging or implementing your sourcing solution.
  • Consult (B-and-IT Consult)
    • Provide you with hard advise on how to improve your sourcing strategy or the relations with your vendor.

Our mission is to Help you get the best you can in relation to all matters sourcing!. To achive this goal we can help you but we also need your help to be a succes. we practice what we preach and are strong believers of partnerships with hard and clear contracts.


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