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At B-and-IT Sourcing, we can advise you on the life cycle of your sourcing.

We see the sourcing life-cycle as follows;

Sourcing life cycle

At B-and-IT We can either help you mature in these steps or mange these steps for you.

Consulting services can help you with the maturing or setting-up of the process of sourcing. We can help you in all stages of sourcing.

  • Starting up your sourcing
    • In the first four steps of our model you are starting the process of wanting or needing to source certain services. Reason for this could be;
      • You want more value for money (more for the same or less)
      • You want the same for less
      • Or maybe you want to focus on your core business
    • These steps will conclude with contracting the correct partner, this after you have selected why and what you wanted to source. Then selecting the conditions (requirements) for these services to be sourced.
  • Operating your sourced services
    • Consulting services will help you with;
      • Setting-up or maturing contract and vendor management
      • Selecting the right place, inside your organisation, to manage your partner
      • Evaluating your current sourcing and providing your with clear actionable improvements, which can help you improve the sourced services
    • (re)Selecting or Closing stage
      • Consulting services will help you with the question, “is this still right for me?”
        • This stage makes you come full circle, this stage could result in either;
          • A retransition back to your company (your goal is/was reached)
          • A transition to a different partner
          • Adjusting your services with your current partner
          • Or knowing that you have what you need.

Your company and that of your partners is always changing and so should your sourcing policy. This to keep it relevant to your business. How will sourcing help me be extra successful? This is something we can help you find the answer to. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for out-sourcing, nearshoring, offshoring, Co-sourcing etc. B-and-IT Consulting Services can help you from cradle to grave and everything in between. With a firm grip on aspects like;

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Contract & Supplier management

We can help you make the leap forward. Making sourcing finally pay the way you want it to!

Our consultants have years of handson experience in manging, selecting and transitioning to the correct partner or back to your company. Our goal isn’t to say you must source; our goals is to find what is a best fit for you company.

B-and-IT source, will provide you with an end to end sourcing partner manager. We will represent your organisation in the complete sourcing lifecycle. This means we provided the management on any sourcing contract, negotiate the best deal for your company and talk to all aspects of your business to keep them alignment with the contract and the contract with your company.

Sourcing life cycle

As we don’t provide any of the sourced services we can completely focus on your needs from your sourcing partner. We will help you get the best of what you need. We have the knowledge for managing and challenging both business and partner.  This to provide a maximum return of investment from your sourcing policy.  B-and-IT Source basically provides a completely integrated solution of all B-and-IT services and gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.

We’re independent this makes us able to be critical your partner and give you clear control of what has been sourced.

Our goal isn’t to say you must source; our goals is to find what is a best fit for you company

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